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continuallynomadic said: I had a question, if you don't mind, but I was wondering what Tolkein said about the original defeat of the Ring Wraithes. I was wondering how the Arnoriéns managed to defeat the Witch King originally? It's been a long time since I've read the Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and LoTR

Yeah, no problem!

After the Witch King reappeared in Angmar sometime in the Third Age, he soon waged war on the three splinter kingdoms of Arnor (on behalf of Sauron to counter the might on Gondor).

Fun fact: the king of Angmar got his name, “The Witch King,” during these wars.

The Witch King and his armies were able to defeat two of the splinter kingdoms, but with the help of Rivendell, Arthedain was able to resist the Witch King. However, as Angmar was preparing for a large attack, Arthedain turned to Gondor for aid. Gondor was unable to arrive in time, and Arthedain was overrun.

Better late than never, Gondor eventually arrives and with aid from the Elves of Lindon and the remains of the Dúnedain armies, Gondor marched against the Witch King and forced the army of Angmar to retreat toward Formost while the Witch King fled toward Carn Dûm in Angmar. Glorfindel, Eärnur, and Reinforcements from Rivendell pursue the Witch King and with the appearance of Glorfindel, the Witch King fled into darkness.

To conclude, Glorfindel stops Eärnur from pursuing the Witch King and prophesied, "Do not pursue him! He will not return to these lands. Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall."

Hope this helped!


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